International Nowruz Day : 21 March 2023

International Nowruz Day 2023: 21 March 2023 is celebrated as International Nowruz Day 2023. Every year on March 21, the International Nowruz Day is a much-anticipated global New Year’s festival.

Historical Facts About International Nowruz Day :

  • Iran, Afghanistan, the Kurdish regions of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, India, and all of Central Asia commemorate Nowruz, but mostly.
  • The Nowruz Day event aims to unite people by encouraging ideas of harmony, friendship, and peace.
  • In addition to other regions, the Balkans, Black Sea Basin, Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East all celebrate Nowruz, which has its origins in Zoroastrianism, a widely practised ancient Persian religion with light and fire as its central features.
  • The Nowruz ancestral festival emphasises the building of links while also encouraging acceptance of cultural diversity and understanding amongst many cultures via values of peace, solidarity, reconciliation, neighbourliness, and mutual respect.
  • Nowruz, also known as “khooneh tekooni”, is a joyous way to start the Pre-Persian celebrations.

When Do Iranians Celebrate Nowruz?

  • Iranians observe the “Nowruz” holiday a few weeks before to the start of the official New Year in order to fend off Satan and other evil spirits that lurk in the shadows as well as to dress brightly for the ritual.
  • During Nowruz They put on new clothes for a new beginning, jump over bonfires known as “Chaharshanbeh Soori” to purge the skate for luck and new beginnings, and children bang spoons on cooking pots known as “qashoq zani” as they go around.

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