India Ranked 126th in “World Happiness Report”.

India Scored 126th Rank in UN Report (Photo Credit: Digen)

The 11th edition of the “World Happiness Report” was released on Monday in honour of the “International Day of Happiness,” which is celebrated annually on March 20. For the sixth year in a row, Finland was named as the “happiest” country among its peers.

The research, which was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the United Nations, indicated that Finland was “well ahead of all other countries” in the rating, with Iceland and Denmark taking the next two positions.

The report considered factors including income, health, emotional support, freedom of choice, generosity and the absence of corruption to map life evaluation as it sought to curate the list. On that basis, the countries were ranked from top to bottom on a three year average between 2020-2022.

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