Akanksha Dubey News Live: Where was Akanksha on the last night before her death? Make-up artist revealed

Akansha Dubey Death News

Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey has committed suicide. The body of the actress has been found in a hotel in Varanasi. It is not yet known why the actress took this step. However, after this news, there is a wave of mourning in the Bhojpuri industry.

Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee is in shock over the death of Akanksha Dubey. He has expressed condolences through a Facebook post. In this post, he wrote, “Can’t believe it after hearing this news, I can’t understand what to write.. It is not right at all to lose your life like this.” May your soul rest in peace. May you find your way to heaven wherever you are..this is so sad…om shanti.

Akanksha returned late at 1:55 am after partying at the hotel. The hotel manager told that when she had returned, a young man had also come along to see her off. The actress was staggering when she got down from the car. The young man who came along went inside the hotel to take them to the room. The youth stayed with the actress in the room for 17 minutes, then left the hotel. When the door of the room was opened in the morning, the light was on and the bathroom tap was also open.

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